About TBC

TBC is a limited liability government-owned corporation, specialized in Project Management. TBC launched its commercial activities in the beginnings of the second quarter of 2013.
TBC came to contribute to the development of the educational environment and to introduce a quantum leap in the field of educational projects in Saudi Arabia, to amount to the level of an ambitious leadership and aspirations of a noble nation in the various regions and provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Based on a noble royal decree, TBC has been assigned to run, manage, tender the Ministry of Education (MoE) projects of school buildings, educational facilities and administration buildings, to construct and supervise buildings and sign contracts related to such buildings, manage all engineering works, and to operate, maintain, and develop those buildings.
The Company specializes in supervising the design, implementation and construction of school buildings and all related facilities, including the provision of services starting from consultancy, administrative and planning services through maintenance, rehabilitation, repair and reconditioning, furniture, equipment, and ending up with renting, leasing, purchasing and selling of school buildings.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Partners to build a better future.

Our Mission

Maximize value by investing, developing and managing facilities.

TBC's Timeline

  1. Setting the Rules and Laws


    Setting up the rules and laws of Tatweer Holding Company, with the purpose building and maintenance of educational buildings

  2. Assignment of Ministery's activities


    Assigning a consulting company to do a study on the "enforcing the public and private education sector" strategy. to assign some of the main and sub ministery's activities to the private sector.

  3. Moving services from the building agency


    Creating the process of moving services from the building agency in the ministery of education, to Tatweer Holding Company.

  4. Royal Decree


    Issuing a royal decree to move the services from the ministery's agency to Tatweer Buildings Company.

  5. Assignment of board memebers


    The assignment of the board members of Tatweer buildings company, by the decision of the capital owner.

  6. Signing the first Award Agreement Document


    TBC Signed the first award agreement document with the ministery of education to proceed with the building of educational buildings.

  7. Opening the first school building


    Opening of the the first school building in Riyadh, by TBC in record time (12 months)

  8. Ministery's HQ in Jeddah


    The opening of the ministry's new HQ in Jeddah, with the design, implementation and furnashing of the company.

  9. New Board members


    Assigning the new Board members by the decree of the capital owner.



We seek to operate according to high quality standards, providing value across all of our service offerings.

Community Development

We aim to achieve community partnerships and encourage private sector growth, supporting the Government's general public policies.


We aim to be clear and honest in our financials and in our operations to ensure accountability.

Economic Sustainability

We aim to achieve long-term economic sustainability, operating in a cost efficient manner with financial responsibility and value-add to our stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Our highest priority is promoting safety and health in all our work.


We hold ourselves to high ethical and professional standards, valuing honesty and honoring our commitments.


We strive to work efficiently, effectively, providing high quality and ensuring fast delivery of services.