Tatweer Building Company works to provide educational buildings (schools) starting from the engineering designs, supervision and delivery of projects and ensure the provision of a safe and high quality learning environment. It manages 271 projects that includes 553 facilities that have school buildings and gyms. As well as its various facilities of canteens, guards housing, grass courts and outdoor playgrounds that accommodate (255,000) students in Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah.
The company is working on building an effective system and a high-performance internal environment that includes educational buildings, multi-purpose halls and grass courts with international standards to provide sports, social and cultural activities for talent development. Our interest with the health and safety is the objective of the company. Therefore, the health services were provided in the educational buildings through the clinic in each school building. In addition, meeting rooms and theatres were provided with the latest sound technology to serve the educational, social, national and recreational activities of the educational buildings. The school buildings include scientific laboratories that are prepared for higher grades and computer labs to promote the talent development.

• The company has a proven record of accomplishment according to the international standards in occupational safety, quality and speed of delivery:
o Implementation of construction projects of educational buildings in a record time (12) months
o Completion of more than (24.5) million working hours without any accident that disrupts work.

The company worked on designing, implementing and equipping the office of the Ministry of Education in Jeddah and maintaining it as well as contracting and supervising the projects of maintenance, operation and cleaning of educational buildings in several cities around the Kingdom. Since the middle of 2017, the company started implementing seven specialized projects within the Initiatives of the National Transformation program in 2020. It includes attracting private investments to finance the construction of educational buildings, developing incubator programs and kindergartens, improving security and safety in school building, recreational and educational district clubs program. The company is also developing investment programs and providing a series of services and tasks for the Ministry of Education, including the Private and Foreign Educational Buildings Support Program and Asset Management Program owned by the Ministry.

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Take a tour through MoE's school building design, executed by Tatweer Buildings Company, using VR technology

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