History Of TBC


Approval of the privatization strategy, list of target facilities and types of activities. Cabinet Resolution No. 219 dated 9/9/1423 AH


Formation of a committee to study the privatization of the public education sector.The two supreme No. 6478/MB, No. 7310/MB on 08/22/1428 AH


Study “Strengthening the Private Sector Partnership in Public Education” and finding a mechanism for transferring building agency services to Tatweer Holding Company Education Minister's speech On 3/30/1432 AH


Issuance of the noble Royal Decree to transfer the services of the Ministry’s Agency for Buildings to “Tatweer Buildings Company” High Resolution No. 45038 On 4/10/1433 AH


Establishment of building development company, and appointment of the board of directors by decision of the capital owner Resolution No. 9/7/1433 On 10/11/1433 AH


Signing a framework contract between the company and the Ministry of Education to transfer the authority and jurisdiction of educational building works to the company On 11/24/1434 AH


Inauguration of the first school building in Riyadh implemented by TBC in a record period 12 months on 2/8/1436 AH


Handing over the first rehabilitation and restoration project to the Department of Education in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, implemented by TBC in a record period 5 weeks on 12/19/1438 AH Maintenance work begins in 118 schools in Makkah Al-Mukarramah On 12/9/2017


Cabinet approval of the BMT track executive program of the initiative to strengthen partnership with the private sector to provide schools No.179 dated 3/26/1440 AH


Opening sub offices of TBC in several cities to follow up with the geographical expansion in the implementation of its projects in the regions and governorates of the Kingdom


The construction completion of all the stalled projects of Ministry of Education entrusted to TBC and handing them over to Education Departments of Riyadh and Al-Kharj


Opening a branch in Al Ula and Tabuk. Launching Phase 2 of the PPP Projects with 60 more projects