Graduate Development Program



Graduate Development Program

Program Objectives

Qualifying national talents with high capabilities and developing their skills that they received while studying in the labor market, as they will have a major role in supporting the company's growth.

Enabling Objectives

Enable graduates to know and understand the business of TBC and what it takes to succeed in a challenging environment.

Ddevelop foundational skills that include gaining basic knowledge and best practices.


Program Benefits

Program Duration

The program duration is 6 months, excluding official holidays and holidays.


Accredited graduation certificate upon successful completion of the program.


11 days paid leave during the program period.


Remunerative salary starts with 6000 SR, in addition to participating in GOSI.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance Card for all the Trainees.

Program Registration

This program is an opportunity for thoughtful candidates who are interested in working within a highly skilled team to contribute to achieving the strategic goals of TBC, and applicants will be screened based on the following criteria:

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