Graduate Development Program

Graduate Development Program

A) Program Objectives

1. Program Objective

To develop Graduates with high-potential and develop their skills to be business ready, playing a major role in supporting the organization’s growth.

2. Enabling Objectives

  • To learn the intricacies of TBC business and what it takes to be successful in this challenging environment.

  • To develop foundational skills that encompass gaining essential industry knowledge and best practices.

B) Program Benefits

1. Program Duration

  • The program duration is 6 months, excluding official holidays and holidays.

2. Certificate

  • Accredited graduation certificate upon successful completion of the program.

3. Leaves

  • 11 days paid leave during the program period.

4. Rewards

  • Remunerative salary starts with 6000 SR, in addition to participating in GOSI.

5. Medical Insurance

  • Medical Insurance Card for all the Trainees.

C) Program Completion

  • Construction of measurable performance goals

  • An objective-based on the job training “OJL”

  • Produce one (1) real work-related project, and present a project report of 1,500 words

  • Commitment to successfully complete any required training events (Technical & Behavioural)

  • End program period evaluation

D) Apply to the program

Online form:

This is done by visiting the TBC Graduate Development Program page and completing the online form

Please attach the following:

  • Graduation certificate and transcript

  • National identity card

  • University certificate equivalency document (if studying abroad)

  • Updated CV

  • Certificate of Proficiency in English Language (IELTS-TOEFL)

E) Program Registration

This program is an opportunity for thoughtful candidates who are interested in working within a highly skilled team to contribute to achieving the strategic goals of TBC, and applicants will be screened based on the following criteria:

  • A) Fulfillment of acceptance requirements

  • B) Fulfillment of registration requirements

  • C) Pass the interview

F) Admission Requirements

Key Requirements

  • Nationality: The applicant must be a Saudi citizen

  • Academic certificate: The applicant must have one of the following certificates: Bachelor, Master

  • Commitment: Commitment and full-time contract

  • Experience: Years of work experience: 0 - 1 years

G) Registration Requirements

1. Endorsement:

The university must be recognised by the Ministry of Education

2. Minimum GPA required

  • 3.75 / 5

  • 2.75 / 4

  • 6.5 / 8

  • 7 / 10

  • 75% / 100%

  • IELTS 6 / TOFEL 547

3. Graduation’s Document:

  • If the student is a recent graduate and is still awaiting the issuance of his graduation certificate, an official document must be presented stating the date of graduation and the date of the certificate

  • Attach the certificate equivalency document (if the student studies abroad)